Historical Tour of Des Moines IA

When it comes to the history of Des Moines, Iowa there are many interesting facts that will interest you. In fact, you may find that it is something you never knew about this great city before. One of the most fascinating parts of learning about the history of Des Moines is learning about the early inhabitants. You will learn about the struggles of these early settlers in what was then considered to be one of the very beginning states in the union.

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The French and Indian Wars were a key part of this history, as were the gold rush and the development of railroads. The city today is known for its delicious cuisine and large-scale annual festivals. Did you know that one of the five famous Des Moines Register writers was born in this city? That is Thomas F. Burns. If you enjoy reading periodicals on a regular basis, you have probably read some of his work.

You will also learn about the various institutions of higher learning that are located in this area. There is the Medical College of Iowa, which is the University of Iowa’s medical school. The College of Medicine is a division of the Medical College of Minnesota. Also, the Des Moines Community College has been offering a variety of programs for years. There are the university’s School of Business, College of Education, College of Health Sciences, College of Natural Resources, and the Graduate School of Business.

If you are interested in history but aren’t sure that you can commit to spending time here, you might want to consider taking a class. There are many colleges and universities that offer degree programs in American history. Des Moines University even offers a program with a concentration on American history. History of Des Moines provides an excellent background for anyone interested in this interesting subject.

The history of Des Moines allows you to travel back in time a bit. One of the earliest attractions of this town was an ancient fort that stood on the Des Moines River until the early twentieth century. Today, there is the American Legion Museum, which houses a portion of the history of Des Moines. Another area that is filled with interesting historical significance is the African-American Museum of Central Iowa. This museum features memorabilia from a different part of America’s history every day.

There are several other museums and history-themed venues around the area as well. The Behavioral Medicine Institute of Research, or MBri, is located in Des Moines at the edge of the Iowa cornfield. This institute conducts cutting-edge research and offers a variety of courses that examine the relationship between psychological health, disease prevention, and community building. Another interesting place to visit is the historic Comfort House, which is a nineteenth-century tuberculosis sanatorium. You will be able to experience the history of this community during a free tour.

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