Galleries in Cedar Rapids IA

One of the most popular Cedar Rapids art gallery locations is Galleryeria, which has been in business since 1986. This gallery features modern art, photography, metal art, and paintings from all over the world. While many of their pieces have never actually touched a canvas, the items displayed on this gallery have won competitions and been displayed at national and local events. Some of the pieces may be familiar to you, like the colorful hummingbird or the detailed butterfly tattoos depicted on some of their pieces. Other gallery artists specialize in one specific style or the other, so you will be able to find a piece that fits your style.

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Another gallery worth visiting is Gallery 27, which is housed in the former Zeke Sprouse Gallery in downtown Cedar Rapids. While it doesn’t carry the stature of other art galleries, it does offer its share of unique and interesting pieces by some of the region’s best artists. If you love Native American art, this is the place for you. You can also find works by freelance illustrators, photographers, and people who create greeting cards and candles. This is also a great place to find abstract art by Cedar Rapids artists.

Many local Cedar Rapids art galleries host art walks, seminars, and workshops each month. They also host a number of other events, including poetry readings, book signings, and movie nights. You can find many of these events listed on the Grand Rapids Art Walking website. You can also view a gallery’s schedule of activities on their calendar. Look for “art walks” in the spring and summer months and “book signings” in the fall and winter months.

Some of the artists you will find in Gallery 27 include David Delany, Laura Kim, and Holly Golightly. The latter two created beautiful paintings of children while they were still toddlers. David Delany has created gorgeous illustrations for books and magazines. Laura Kim specializes in portrait painting, and she is known for her vibrant colors and unusual subjects. Both of these artists are available for commission by businesses and individuals, and you will likely find many works from them.

When it comes to Galleries in Cedar Rapids, it really all comes down to how much time you want to spend looking at art. Do you just want to take in the view? Or do you want to be involved with the creative process? Galleries have different ways of promoting their galleries, and if you are interested in owning your own gallery in Maple ridge, these are some tips that may be helpful to you. Consider how the various types of galleries promote their galleries to help you make your decision.

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