Parks In Toledo, IA

There are several parks you can visit in Toledo, IA. Take your friends and family for a hike or fishing in these parks. One of the parks offers you an electrical campground that you can rent only for $20 per night! If you’re up for more adventure,there are lots of parks that take only one hour drive from Toledo. 

Look at our list of places where you can have your favorite outdoor activities. 


Otter Creek Lake & Park

If you’re looking for a relaxing park to spend your Saturday morning,Otter Creek Lake & Park is the perfect place. You can go swimming, boating, and fishing in the lake. This 522-acre park is a trendy spot for fishing. People come to the park and spend their whole day in the lake fishing with their friends and family. Find various kinds of fish, such as largemouth bass, yellow bass, channel catfish, and many more. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery with its walking trail located east and north of the park. Otter Creek Lake & Park is also equipped with an electric campground. Enjoy nature and have a camp night out for only $20 per night!


Toledo Heights Park

A well-maintained park in Heritage Cir, Toledo Heights Park is a delightful place for you to hang out with friends or run in the afternoon. There is a playground for your kids to play in. If you’re a traveler, this park is perfect for you to stop and take a rest. This park is equipped with a clean bathroom. There are benches spread across the park for you to sit and picnic with your friends. It is also lovely to have a party in this park for any celebration in Toledo Heights Park. 


One Hour’s Drive From Toledo, IA, Outdoor Parks You Can Visit!

Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge

Take a one-hour drive from Toledo to Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge, and spend the weekend with your family out in nature. It is full of wildlife. When visiting this park,you can spot various animals, such as white-tailed deer, fox squirrels, and even bison. This park is for those of you who love outdoor activities. You can go hiking and biking across the 700 acres of park. This park has a Visitor Center where you can find a bookstore, exhibit area, and theater. 


Indian Creek Nature Center

Located in Cedar Rapids, IA, Indian Creek Nature Center is a 210-acre park for you to enjoy the natural beauty and wildlife. This park is amazing for a walk or hiking with its 4 miles of peaceful nature trails. There is also a creek for you to go fishing with your friends. Indian Creek Nature Center is also equipped with an educational center to learn about natural history exhibited in the old dairy barn. There is also Sugar House, where you can learn more about maple syrup creations.


Des Moines Botanical Center

Located at 909 Robert D. Ray Dr, Des Moines Botanical Center offers you a 12-acre incredible public garden. It has become a popular escape for people to enjoy and explore a world of plants. Equipped with an outdoor and indoor garden, Des Moines Botanical Center serves you a beautiful urban oasis all year round. It has become one of the most popular places for celebrations, especially weddings. Not only can you enjoy the garden’s scenery, but you can also try several workshops and classes for everyone.


Outdoorsy Lover 

There are always amazing parks across and near the city. Bring your family and friends out and enjoy the beautiful city’s scenery. Apart from the parks, The city has incredible attractions that you have to visit. Don’t miss out on the fun you can have in Toledo, IA. 


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