Metal Roofing Installation Details in Des Moines IA

Metal roofing has become a very popular roofing method nowadays. It’s a bit expensive than traditional shingles, though. Metal roofs also last for decades and they turn out to be more economical in the end. Metal roofs also keep houses cool in the hot summer months saving on energy costs of as much as 40% of your total annual energy consumption. If you live in an area that experiences extreme weather conditions such as heat or rainfall, then this may just be what you’re looking for.

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There are three basic kinds of metal roof installation in Iowa, namely aluminum, copper, and metal chloride. You have to decide whether you would like a metallic roof, a shingle roof, or a metal roof with an aluminum coating. This is largely dependent on the area of your residence since shingle roofs can be installed anywhere there’s no structural difficulty. On the other hand, metal roofs with an aluminum coating are more durable than shingle ones, so if you live somewhere with inclement weather, you should definitely consider these.

You should know, however, that metal roof installation in Des Moines IA is pricier than regular shingle installation. You might need to shell out around $3000 to have the job properly done. The price, however, doesn’t go down when you go with a reputable contractor. You should search for one that’s well-known in your area, and that’s not just out to get money from you.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the fact that your roof should be flat. If you have to build a new metal roof over a weak or uneven surface, it’s going to come apart soon enough. That’s because metal roofing, unlike shingles, doesn’t follow the natural shape of your home’s roof. It will grow at different angles and may eventually start overlapping or tearing off the existing roof. To avoid this from happening, make sure that the new roof underlayment you choose is built to perfectly fit your existing roof.

You can ask your roofing contractor about options for installing metal roofs in Des Moines. One popular option is to have the entire roofing system created out of steel. This is not only cheaper than having all of it created out of metal, but it also makes for a stronger, more stable installation. Other options include using steel wool as a roofing material, which also offers a pretty solid and durable roof.

Make sure you’re clear on all of your metal roof installation details before you sign up for work with a contractor. Find out the total cost upfront, so you know what you have to work with. Get an idea of how long it will take from start to finish, and if there are any delays. Most importantly, find out what kind of warranty is available. This is critical to having peace of mind once the job is done, since a roofer won’t be responsible if something happens while they’re working on your home.

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