5 Top Attractions to Visit in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

For a unique balance of big-city amenities without the hassles that come with a large city, Cedar Rapids, Iowa is the perfect place to visit. Stay with us and read about this beautiful city in this article presented to you by Hawkeye Flat Roof Solutions, #1 commercial roofing contractor Cedar Rapids IA.

Cedar Rapids is a city situated in Iowa in the United States, with a population of 133,174. It is also nicknamed “The city of five seasons,” which is represented throughout the city with sculptures and in different forms.

Cedar Rapids, IA is the largest corn-processing city globally and one of the leading bio-processing and food ingredients centers in North America. Furthermore, this city is home to almost 300 different manufacturing plants and two dozen Fortune 500 companies, including Cargill Peford, Quaker Oats, Nordstrom, AEGON, and more.  

Cedar Rapids is a big city with a rich cultural heritage, a proud blue-collar community, and plenty of tourist destinations to keep residents and visitors occupied during their free time. 

Here you can find some of the best museums, landmarks, and shopping districts that will keep the whole family entertained.

1. National Czech & Slovak Museum and Library

If you want to learn about the strong yet humble people of the former Soviet Union while in Cedar Rapids, then you can visit the National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library.

Here visitors can examine the way of life and history of these societies. The museum displays personal historical accounts and holds creative shows. 

You will find different seasonal presentations that range from traditional music exhibitions to cultural holiday celebrations at the National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library.

2. Brucemore

The Brucemore mansion is a living museum with manicured and vibrant gardens. The building contains hand-carved accents and is constructed out of rare materials, which give it a scope of artistry. 

There is even a spa and a pond one can explore. The mansion is open for visitors to enjoy scheduled performances by musicians and theater acts. Seasonal celebrations are also held during holidays.

3. Cedar Rapids Museum of Art

The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art is an art museum that holds an impressive collection of Midwestern painters from the early 20th century. One of their remarkable collections include works from Grant Wood, who was a native in the area. This museum is affordable and very family-friendly.

4. Iowa Masonic Library and Museum

At the Iowa Masonic Library and Museum in Cedar Rapids, you will find some of the best collections of masonic works in the world. The building itself is a work of art that consists of marble walls. 

Inside, you will find 100 000 books on masonry and historical content, including rare artifacts from American colonial days, Egyptian history, Samurais, and more.

5. Czech Village / New Bohemia District

The Boho District is a fun place to visit when you want to relax, grab a bite to eat, or shop for antiques. 

Apart from the fact that the Bohemia District is a great place to work and live, it is an excellent place for family and friends to gather when they are in the mood for entertainment. 

Here you will find award-winning restaurants, fun bars, various museums, and unique shopping facilities.

Final Thought

The vibrant city of Cedar Rapids offers unique attractions, exciting events, specialty shopping, a dynamic art scene, and a variety of restaurant and nightlife options. This city is one of the best places to live, work, and play in the Midwest.

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