Thanks to our impeccable workmanship and superior customer service, the residents of Fort Dodge, IA, have recognized Hawkeye Flat Roof Solutions as their most trusted roofing company in the area. We are locally owned and operated, dedicated to serving the Fort Dodge, IA community by providing them with the highest quality roofing services.

We are proud to have become the area’s preferred flat roof contractor and the ones our locals call first when they need metal roof construction, metal roof installation, metal roof replacement – and much more, as we work with a variety of high-end materials, tech and tools.

Our main focus is customer satisfaction because we know the importance of a roof for both residential and commercial properties for you, the owner. It is a major investment that requires regular maintenance, which can be stressful. But fear not! With Hawkeye Flat Roof Solutions, you are guaranteed absolute transparency, reliability, and high-quality services at affordable prices.

Hawkeye Flat Roof Solutions is the leading flat roof specialist in Fort Dodge, IA, but our expertise goes beyond that, as our experienced professional roofers can take on any roofing project, no matter the size.

Call us anytime at your convenience, without obligation, and receive a free roof inspection. Our team will provide you with an honest and accurate estimate in accordance with your preferences, the seriousness of the issue, and, most importantly – your budget.

Commercial Roof Repair Fort Dodge, IA

Owners of commercial properties are well aware of the complexity of commercial roofing systems. They require regular maintenance, as well as roof repair services from time to time. Over the years, every commercial roofing system will go through some wear and tear, which can lead to gradual damage that is not really noticeable.

This is why commercial roofs require special attention, and Hawkeye Flat Roof Solutions has a crew of experienced professionals that notice and take care of every detail. Our team will conduct meticulous commercial roof repair services on your property, making sure that your roof is as good as new.

The first step in our roof repair process in Fort Dodge, IA, is to conduct a detailed inspection of your roofing system to identify any problematic areas.

Following our initial inspection, our experienced crew will assess the damage and fix any issues they have noticed, large or small. By acting promptly, further damage is prevented and you are left with a commercial roofing system that is strong, sturdy, and reliable.

All of our commercial roof repair projects in the Fort Dodge, IA, area are performed according to the highest industry standards and with respect to your lifestyle and daily routines.

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Commercial Roof Coating

For total protection of your roof in Fort Dodge, IA, choose Hawkeye Flat Roofing Solutions and our premier commercial roof coating services. Thanks to our commercial roof coatings, your roof will not only look amazing, but we will also extend the lifecycle of your roof while taking care of all affected areas.

When installing and applying the coating, we follow the highest industry standards and use the most advanced techniques so that we can give you unmatched results. We work to exceed your expectations and give your property a roof that will last for many years to come.

With every project, our goal is to go beyond your expectations and provide you with the kind of roof you know you deserve. Our installation and coating process is in accordance with the highest industry standards and cutting-edge techniques, combined with innovative methods and advanced tools.

Give your property the best commercial roof coating services in Fort Dodge, IA – choose Hawkeye Flat Roof Solutions.

Metal Roof Restoration

Hawkeye Flat Roof Solutions offers complete metal roof restoration services for all commercial properties in Fort Dodge, IA that feature a metal roofing system. If you are in need of roof repair or roof restoration services, contact us anytime and we will be happy to help you quickly and efficiently.

Our crew of highly trained and experienced commercial roofing technicians are specialists in metal roofing systems and can handle any kind of restoration project, no matter the seriousness of the situation.

Upon completion of our services, your roof will look brand new and be stronger and more reliable than ever.

Metal Roof Coating

Does your commercial property in Fort Dodge, IA have a metal roof? In that case, your best option is to call the most reputable metal roofing contractor in the area – Hawkeye Flat Roof Solutions! With us on the case, your commercial property is guaranteed to have the finest metal roof coatings currently available.

Our metal roof coatings are sure to increase the value of your property in Fort Dodge, IA, provide it with extra protection, enhance the functionality of your roof and completely restore it.

Our portfolio features countless successful metal roof coating projects in Fort Dodge, IA – big, small, and everything in between! Hawkeye Flat Roof Solutions is dedicated to providing its clients with the most advanced roof coating installation techniques, making sure that your roof receives total protection.

Metal Roof Waterproofing

Every building can benefit from having a metal roofing system, as its highly efficient weather-resistant properties make it an incredibly reliable commercial roofing solution. But property owners need to pay special attention to the state of their roof, as leaks may develop over time, especially after harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain or thunderstorms.

In case of leaks, don’t hesitate to call Hawkeye Flat Roofing Solutions in Fort Dodge, IA. We specialize in metal roof waterproofing services and our team will work expeditiously to fix any leaks and water damage, making sure no further damage is done to your property.

In case no damage has been done to your roof and you want to prevent possible future damage and leaks from occurring, our skilled crew will apply waterproof coating on the roof of your commercial building, thus protecting it from harsh weather conditions, rain, and storms.

Membrane Coating System

In Fort Dodge, IA, Hawkeye Flat Roof Solutions is the industry leader for membrane coating systems of the highest quality. With our crew handling your roofing issues, your older or dated membrane roof will definitely upgrade its structural integrity and gain a new level of functionality.

The membrane coating systems that we use are elastomeric systems – we use them to recoat all kinds of commercial membrane roofs that are showing signs of aging. These roofs include CSPE roofs, TPO, Modified Bitumen, EPDM rubber, and PVC roofing.

Your roof will be completely restored and repaired, energy-efficient, and protected from damage.

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Established in 1856, Fort Dodge is a city and seat of Webster County, in north-central Iowa. Known as one of the best places to live in the state, the city has a down-to-earth suburban feel, as most of its residents own their homes. The number of young professionals in Fort Dodge, IA keeps increasing, as the area offers a high quality of living.

Located on both sides of the Des Moines River at its juncture with Lizard Creek, Fort Dodge is about 90 miles northwest of the much larger city of Des Moines. The city was established around Fort Clarke, which was built in 1850 to protect settlers from the Sioux. It was renamed in 1851 for Henry Dodge, a senator from Wisconsin.

The local industry is based on the area’s significant gypsum deposits and was developed as a market processing center for surrounding farmlands. The manufacture of gypsum products remains important, as does the production of farm machinery, veterinary pharmaceuticals, and chemical fertilizers. Transportation (trucking) is also a major component of the economy.

History buffs will love the city’s Fort Museum, which includes a replica of Fort Williams (a stockade built near the Minnesota border in 1862) and of a frontier village. Fort Dodge is home to the main campus of Iowa Central Community College and the Blanden Memorial Art Museum. Nearby are Dolliver Memorial State Park (south), Brushy Creek State Recreation Area (southeast), and Kalsow Prairie (west), the latter containing a tract of virgin prairie.

Fort Dodge, IA is a great place to live and offers both its residents and visitors alike natural wonders such as authentic prairies.

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