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Top Membrane Roof Sealant Des Moines IA

A membrane roof sealant is the best solution for you if you have an older and dated commercial membrane roof. With this roof sealant solution, our Des Moines IA membrane coating system company will effectively and thoroughly repair and protect your property’s roof and, with it, the entire building itself.

A roof sealant, also called a membrane coating system, is an elastomeric protective coating system whose main role is to recoat and provide additional protection for your roof. It is used primarily on older, aged out single-ply commercial roof membranes.

In addition to protecting your roof, our Des Moines IA membrane coating systems will also work to prolong the lifespan of your roofing membrane, protecting it from weathering and other damages. It will help prevent all further degradation of your existing membrane, as well as fight off any potential leaks and water damages, as it is watertight.

Types of Commercial Roofs That Membrane Coating System Can Be Applied to

A membrane roof sealant is generally recommended to be installed on older and aged out commercial roofs, more specifically on aged out single-ply roofing membranes. Therefore, the types of membranes that our membrane coating system contractors work with usually include:

  • Older PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) membranes
  • Older TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) membranes
  • Older EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber membranes
  • Older CSPE (Chlorosulfonate-Polyethylene) membranes
  • Older Modified Bitumen Roofing

Benefits of Our Top-Rated Membrane Coating System Des Moines IA:

  • Recoup your costs quickly through energy efficiency

    Our top-rated membrane coating system Des Moines IA will quickly pay for itself through the significantly lower overall air conditioning and heating costs that you will experience. It is highly energy-efficient and will require less use of your HVAC systems throughout the building.

  • Enjoy many years of a low-maintenance, damage-free roof

    With our membrane roof sealant solution, your building’s roof will be able to resist dirt, discoloration, and overheating, it will reflect the sun’s UV rays highly efficiently and thus minimize the wear and tear that happens over the years.

  • Avoid tear-off and extend the life of your roof

    Our Des Moines IA membrane roof sealant is the perfect solution precisely for older roofs. This means that you don’t have to go through a complete roof tear-off and roof replacement, but you can easily extend the life of your roof for many more years with a membrane roof sealant application.

Your Trusted Membrane Coating System Contractors Des Moines IA

At Hawkeye Flat Roof Solutions, we have a designated team of membrane coating system contractors who are highly experienced and continuously trained. They use the latest membrane roof sealant application methods and only premier-quality products, such as Conklin, to give you the best possible solution for your roof.

When it comes to our work process and membrane coating system services in Des Moines IA, each of them starts with a thorough roof inspection. Upon this inspection, we will first determine the overall state and condition of your existing roofing membrane and pinpoint all damaged or vulnerable areas. 

Once we mitigate any potential damages and determine that your roof membrane is in a well-enough condition for the installation of our membrane coating system, we will proceed with the membrane application. This includes pressure-washing the surface of your roof and preparing it adequately for the new membrane.

The installation itself is done extremely carefully and efficiently so that every part of your roof is adequately covered, protected, and sealed. We work with great attention to detail and make sure that, in the end, you can reap all the benefits of our top-quality membrane roof sealant in Des Moines IA. 

We’ll help you protect your roof, make it more energy-efficient, and prolong its expected lifespan while providing you with superb customer service.

Why Choose Us?

  • With over 15 years of experience in the industry and more than 600 successful commercial roofing projects, we can find the optimal solution for you every time.
  • You always receive a comprehensive and complete service from start to finish – beginning with a detailed roof inspection up to getting the most efficient membrane roof sealant for your building.
  • When we leave your premises, we leave you with great peace of mind because we do the job right the first time – every time.
  • You will experience the best customer journey and service because customer satisfaction is our top priority and we are continually committed to exceeding your expectations.

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If you need a top-rated membrane coating system in Des Moines IA, don’t hesitate to put your trust in Hawkeye Flat Roof Solutions anytime. We are at your service for quality and reliable commercial roofing services so contact us today and schedule your FREE roof estimate!

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Des Moines is the capital of the State of Iowa, the county seat of Polk County, also extending in part into Warren County. It lies on the river of the same name, the Des Moines River, and has a population of 214,237 people according to the 2019 estimates, which is an increase from the 2010 official Census when it had just over 203,000.

Des Moines is a vibrant, developing, and fast-growing city, and over the years, it has been named the country’s economically strongest city, its richest city, the best city to live in for both families and young professionals, a great business hub, and even the best city for U.S. insurance companies.

But apart from the economics and the business aspect, Des Moines is also a great cultural center of the region and the entire country. The city holds several different museums, both art and history museums, such as the Des Moines Art Center, Salisbury House and Gardens, State of Iowa Historical Museum, and many more.

Des Moines is also a host to numerous different festivals and events throughout the year and some of the most notable ones include the Des Moines Arts Festival, Iowa State Fair, Metro Arts Jazz, and many more.

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