Locally owned and operated, Hawkeye Flat Roof Solutions is the #1 commercial roofing contractor in Marshalltown, IA. The local community of Marshalltown has recognized Hawkeye Flat Roof Solutions as their go-to choice for all roofing needs.

We are the leaders in commercial roofing in Marshalltown, IA, as owners of commercial buildings turn to us when they need new roof installation, roof repair, roof replacement and much more. Thanks to our hard work, dedication and combined experience, we are easily the best roofing company in the area, and we stand by that reputation.

Property owners have entrusted us as their preferred roofing company, as we are active members of the local community and treat each client like family. With us, you know what you are paying for – we explain our entire process in detail, because we believe in complete business transparency. When you choose Hawkeye Flat Roof Systems, you are never out of the loop.

You can contact us anytime, without obligation, and schedule a free roof estimate. We want you to have the kind of roof you know you deserve!

Commercial Roof Repair Marshalltown, IA

With decades of experience and a crew of skilled roofing professionals, Hawkeye Flat Roof Solutions is the leading commercial roofing company in Marshalltown, IA. We know that owning a commercial building can be a daunting task, as commercial roofing systems are complicated and require special care and maintenance. Our mission is to help owners of commercial buildings by providing them with commercial roofing services of the highest quality, making sure that their ownership and management responsibilities are no longer a source of stress.

Before taking on a project, our team will run a detailed inspection of your property, making sure every part of the roof is checked. This way, we know beforehand the actual state of the roof and the amount of damage it has suffered and what areas are under risk. We can plan ahead and provide you with an accurate estimate of expenses. Don’t worry, once we have made our assessment, there will be no additional costs – we wouldn’t treat you like that.

Hawkeye Flat Roof Solutions features a team that works efficiently, quickly, and at reasonable cost. We will fix any issue you may have and you will be quickly able to get back to your daily routines.

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Commercial Roof Coating

Hawkeye Flat Roof Solutions offers its customers in Marshalltown, IA high-quality commercial roof coating services, thus ensuring complete protection for your roof. Not just that – with our commercial roof coating of choice, your roof will protect the entire property, it will look amazing and it will gain years to its lifespan. That’s right, our commercial roof coating services will add years to your roof.

Our skilled professionals have countless successful projects between them, and when taking on your project, you can rest assured that it will not only be fully completed, but also exceed your expectations. Exceptional customer service is one of our most popular traits.

If you are looking for a flat roof contractor in Marshalltown, IA that can provide you with the highest quality commercial roof coating services, you will be making the right choice when you choose Hawkeye Flat Roof Solutions as your contractor.

Metal Roof Restoration

Metal is an incredibly durable and versatile material, which is why it is so popular in the roofing industry. Hawkeye Flat Roof Solutions offers metal roof restoration services for all metal roof systems in Marshalltown, IA that require special attention. Although metal is durable, such roofing systems are still prone to wear and tear and can suffer major damage over the years. When that happens, call Hawkeye Flat Roof solutions and we will have your roof looking its best in no time.

We are roof maintenance experts, and our skilled crew use tried-and-tested methods to achieve best results. Hawkeye Flat Roof Solutions uses only the best materials on the market, cutting-edge tech, premier tools and the most advanced methods. That is what makes us industry leaders.

Once the process of restoration is complete, your roof will be even better than when it was brand new.

Metal Roof Coating

Give your metal roof system the proper care it deserves by choosing Hawkeye Flat Roof Solutions as your roofing contractor in Marshalltown, IA. We offer a wide selection of high-quality metal roof coating solutions that will satisfy even the most demanding property owner out there. Our team will inspect your roof and find the best option for its metal roof coating solution, making sure that you receive the best possible service at affordable prices.

With a metal roof coating, your property will feature an additional level of protection that will make it more durable, more attractive and more valuable. We know that your property is a treasured asset and investment, which is why we aim to increase the value of your investment by providing you with the best services available in the Marshalltown, IA area.

Our expert crew uses modern roof coating installation methods, making sure your property is always protected. We are industry leaders because we don’t compare ourselves to the competition, we simply strive to be the best roofing contractor in Marshalltown, IA and our clients trust us.

Metal Roof Waterproofing

Metal roofing systems offer the highest level of protection against outside interference and extreme weather conditions in Marshalltown, IA, but even they are not absolutely resistant at all times. There can be occasions when even metal roofing systems can become damaged, cracked and prone to leaks. Luckily, Hawkeye Flat Roof Solutions is ready for any type of roofing emergency!

If your roof has gone through heavy rain, hail or thunderstorms, metal roof waterproofing is in order. Our team of roofers are experts in waterproofing and will take care of any leaks or vulnerable areas on your metal roof, making sure your property is completely protected from further damage.

Of course, you don’t have to wait until there is damage to call us. We advise you to apply metal roof waterproofing as a precaution, so that you may prevent possible leaks in the future. Feel free to call us in Marshalltown, IA for a free inspection, and we will quickly arrive at your property to assess the situation.

Membrane Coating System

Membrane coating systems are highly useful and can add value to your property while also providing an additional level of protection. Hawkeye Flat Roof Solutions provides its clients in Marshalltown, IA with top quality membrane coating systems at affordable prices.

Applying a new membrane coating system to your older, worn out membrane roof will significantly improve its structural integrity. Hawkeye Flat Roof Solutions offers a wide variety of commercial membrane coating systems, and we can find an ideal solution for your roof.

These elastomeric systems are used to recoat all types of commercial membrane roofs that are showing signs of aging, including TPO, CSPE roofs, Modified Bitumen, EPDM rubber, and PVC Roofing.

Thanks to our membrane coating system solutions, your roof will restore its high level of functionality while gaining energy efficiency and a new level of protection from future damage.

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Marshalltown, IA is a medium-sized Midwest city located on the banks of the Iowa River. The 16th largest city in the state of Iowa and the county seat of Marshall County. Its history dates back to 1851, when European settler Henry Anson found the location to be “the prettiest place in Iowa”. Two years later, the town of Marshall was established. The city obtained its current name in 1862, as there was already another town in Iowa called Marshall.

The city was booming in its first couple of decades, and it quickly grew to about 10,000 residents by the early 1900s. These days, the city has a population of about 27,000, most of which are families who enjoy a simpler lifestyle defined by hard work, kindness and a strong sense of community.

Many businesses are stationed in Marshalltown and they employ the local population. Marshalltown Company, a leading manufacturer of construction and archeological tools, is located here. Another important business venture in Marshalltown is The Big Treehouse, which is also one of the town’s best attractions – it is a hige, 5,000-square foot treehouse just outside of town.

The Iowa Veterans Home is located in Marshalltown, which provides care both for veterans as well as their spouses.

The Marshalltown Community College is the area’s higher learning institution, offering 55 degree or diploma programs to some 2,000 students.

Marshalltown, IA is one of the most beautiful locations in the state of Iowa, and a great town to call home.

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