Best Tourist Attractions of Toledo IA

Toledo is a small city located in Tama County. As a small city, it is easy and close to everywhere when it comes to exploring the city. There are several options of transportation you can take around the city as well. With only around 2,000 people living in Toledo, Iowa, there are fascinating recreational destinations that you can visit. By visiting these places, you can connect with Toledo’s people and culture. 


Here is our list of places you need to visit in and around Toledo. 


Matchstick Marvels

Matchstick Marvels is a museum filled with millions of matchsticks turned into art pieces. It is a well-known museum where you can enjoy many art pieces like sculptures, architecture buildings, and even machinery made from matchsticks. The artist behind these arts is Pat Acton. The museum has attracted many tourists from all over the country to see these arts. Some of the art has been taken to be displayed in various famous exhibitions, such as Ripley’s Believe It or Not.


Otter Creek Lake & Park

Have an adventure in Otter Creek Lake & Park. Located at 2283 Park Rd, Otter Creek Lake & Park is a 522-acre park that you can enjoy. There are several outdoor activities that you can do, including camping, fishing, and hiking. The campground only costs $20 per night. You can enjoy the serene lake and beautiful nature from the campground. 


Grimes Farm and Conservation Center

Visit the Grimes Farm and Conservation Center, which is only 20 minutes away by car from Toledo. You can take your family on a weekend picnic trip and explore nature in the Nature Center and trials of Grimes Farm. Not only picnicking but there are also a lot of outdoor activities that you can do here, including biking through The Linn Creek Recreational Trail, connected from Marshalltown to the Grimes Farm. There is a hiking trail you go and see the wetland, forest, and crop fields. There is an observation tower that you can climb and visit the whole of Grimes Farm. 


Cedar Valley Arboretum & Botanic Gardens

Take a 40 minutes car ride from Toledo and visit the Cedar Valley Arboretum & Botanic Gardens. Founded in 1996, this 40 acres public garden offers us its serenity and beauty. Immerse yourself in this garden, and you will feel peaceful and in awe of the beauty of the collections of trees and flowers. In the Cedar Valley Arboretum & Botanic Gardens, there are six gardens, which are Hillside Welcome Garden, the perennial display garden, the Rose Garden, the Children’s Garden, and the Shade Garden. 


Cedar Rapids Museum of Art

Only one hour away by car ride from Toledo, visit the incredible Cedar Rapids Museum of Art. Built-in 1905, this museum is privately owned. There are 7,800 artworks displayed in this museum. Cedar Rapids Museum of Art also has a permanent collection from several artists, which includes Grant Wood, Mauricio Lasansky, Malvina Hoffman, Jun Kaneko, Marvin D. Cone, Bertha Jaques, James Swann, and Roman Art. The current exhibition is by Byron Burford, displayed from November 19, 2022, to October 29, 2023. 


Explore the City

Toledo, Iowa, is a small city. You can explore the city on a day or two day trip. It is also surrounded by unique places that only take minutes to get to. Put Toledo as your next destination in your wishlist trip. The food, the people, the culture, and the atmosphere will make you feel welcome. Plan your trip now to Toledo! 

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