The Best Restaurants in Toledo IA

Toledo has many interesting places to visit, and after a whole day of exploring, you definitely want to stop by some of the restaurants around the historical city of Toledo, IA. You need to check out several fantastic restaurants in Toledo, Iowa. There are many types of foods with different kinds of atmospheres, perfect for any occasion. So whether it’s a Sunday lunch with your family or a Friday night with your colleagues, you can find great restaurants with delicious food and drinks across Toledo. 


Here is a list of the best restaurants in Toledo that you need to visit. 


La Terraza Mexican Grill & Seafood

La Terraza Mexican Grill & Seafood serves delicious genuine Mexican food. You can never go wrong here. The Quesadilla Mexicana and Nachos Supreme are to die for. For those who love tacos, there are lots of tasty tacos,from soft to hard shell tacos with steak, pork, or grilled chicken. Make sure to try their Enchiladas Verdes, which consists of chicken enchiladas with green salsa, lettuce, sour cream, guacamole, and tomatoes. Enjoy Mexican food with a fantastic Margaritha!


A9 Chinese Restaurant

Located at 101 Grandview Dr, the A9 Chinese Restaurant is definitely worth a visit. You must try various house specials, such as orange chicken, sesame chicken, walnut shrimp, and many more. A9 Chinese Restaurant always guarantees that their food is fresh and tasty. There are great choices on the vegetarian menu as well. Their Wor Wonton Soup will make you feel better if you feel sick!


Murph’s Creamery & Grill

If you’re looking for American food,you must stop by Murph’s Creamery & Grill. The burger selection is incredible, including hamburgers, cheeseburgers, Cuban burgers, Bacon Cheese Burger, Murph Burger, and many more. Suppose you are more like a sandwich person, grilled chicken, fried chicken, and hot house chicken sandwich. At 05 W Hwy 30, Murph’s Creamery & Grill serves delicious desserts such as ice creams, slushies, and fudge brownies. You can have all the comfort foods here at Murph’s Creamery & Grill. 


Mike’s Pizza

Try Taco pizza at Mike’s Pizza! Located at 112 US-30, Mike’s Pizza serves a lot of pizza choices. You can eat your pizza right away or have it taken away to eat at your home. At Mike’s Pizza, you can customize your pizza. Choose your ingredients, double the ingredients, or even have a half-half topping. Have it your way at Mike’s Pizza!


Flaming Office Bar & Grill

At 201 W High St, Flaming Office Bar & Grill is the right place to go after work. They offer many comfort foods, such as hamburgers, chicken strips, onion rings, pizza, and many more. Complete your dinner with a pint of beer. Flaming Office Bar & Grill has many options of beer for you to drink with friends and colleagues. 


El Charro Bar and Grill

Have your big glass of Margarita and order your favorite Mexican food! At El Charro Bar and Grill, there are plenty of options for Mexican food, from Quesadillas, Burritos, Enchiladas, Chimichangas, and many more. They also have Mexican vegetarian food for you to try. But the most popular thing on the menu is the Margarita. There are many flavors of Margarita, such as lime, peach, mango, raspberry, strawberry, and pina colada. So hang out at El Charro Bar and Grill, and you will guarantee a great time! 


Perfect Food and a Great Time

When it comes to finding the perfect Restaurant, you want to ensure that the food, drinks, and service are excellent. Whether it is a special occasion or a regular Monday night, you want to have a great time when you eat out. These restaurants are great for you to try or come back to again and again since they all are well known for the food and service quality. So visit Toledo and stop by some of these restaurants for a good time!

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