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10 Reasons You Should Inspect Your Roof

Hello and welcome to Hawkeye Flat Roof Solutions. Today I will be telling you the top 10 reasons you should inspect your roof. Many of us don’t know what to do when we get a new roof, are we just going to leave it their and let it rot, or are we going to maintain it by getting it inspected, and what kind of maintenance do you have to do. All of these questions will be answered in the following topics so please stay tuned and read them all. Or don’t, whatever floats your boat.

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1. Pay Less Now Instead of a Ton in The Future

 A roof inspection is preventive medicine, it helps with making sure your roof will stay together for years to come. One great thing about a roof inspection is the fact that if something is wrong they will try to fix it quickly, as oppose to figuring out something is wrong yourself and calling a roofing contractor and it ends up taking 100 years to get fixed.

 Another great advantage of getting your roof inspected is that if their is a problem it will only take a fraction of the cost of a brand new roof, which is much more economical. As a general rule I would recommend getting your roof inspected once a year.

2. You Will Feel Secure

 For some people if they don’t know what is going on 100% of the time they get stressed out and fidgety. If you are one of those people getting your roof inspected will help greatly because you will know what is going on with your roof and you will not die of a heart attack at a very young age.

 Having the feeling that you want to know what is going on with your roof at all times is not a bad thing, in fact it’s a good thing. If you know what is going on with your roof will be prepared for your roofing problems while your buddies will be swamped in debt.

3. Prevention of Future Problems

 As I said before: a roof inspection is preventive medicine. It will save you from spending an absurd amount of money on a new roof.

4. Bad Draining

 When water pools on a roof it sits there and slowly leaks its way into your baseboards, which you guessed it, is a bad deal. If you get a roof inspection and if you have pooling, the roof inspector will find the problem and give you the solution. The only problem with water pooling your roof is that it typically takes a little bit of chunk change to get it fixed. But , if you had gotten your roof inspected annually you would not have this problem. 

5. Loose Foundation

 I know what your thinking, this point does not belong on the list of “10 Reasons you should Inspect Your Roof”. What does dirt and the underside of your building have to do with the topside of your building they’re completely the opposite!

 Well I have news for you they actually have a lot to do with it. Think about it if your roof does not drain into the gutters where is the water going, strait to the ground and eroding away our foundation. Let’s be honest here it will take a long for the rain water to erode away your foundation but always remember little problems can turn into big ones in a hurry. 

6. Lower Insurance Premiums

 The reason for this is when insurance companies see that you are not inspecting your roof they may take is as if their is something wrong with your roof so they may jack up the premiums. But, if your are annually inspecting your roof the insurance company will see it as “preventive medicine” and therefor lower the risk of a problem and in the process lower your premiums. 

 If you want to keep spending money for no reason hey, whatever floats your boat my friend. But if you don’t want to keep spending money for no reason then get your roof inspected for a safer work environment.

7. Lower Energy Bills

 The average cost to heat (cooling is obviously less) a commercial building is about $1.40 per square foot, so if you have a 50,000 square foot building (roughly the size of a football field) where’re talking some serious bread man. However if you get a roof inspection, the roof inspector will tell you weather or not your roof is very energy efficient. If you get the bad news that your roof is not energy efficient all you have to do is call us and we will get you a conklin resealing system to get you the highly coveted lower energy bills.

8. Safer Work Environment

 Some people may think this is an unimportant point, and you’d be right! just kidding. If you think about this it is an important point because if your roof falls on your employees it would probably be a problem. If you get your roof inspected annually you protect your employees and in turn protect yourself from getting sued.

9. Uncontaminated Products

 This is one major problem with building owners because they don’t think water will get on their products. This is a problem because if you get water on your products sometimes they can’t be salvageable and you have to throw them out which will cost you a lot of money and a lot of time that you don’t want to spend on throwing away stuff. 

 There is a big problem with this because if your roof is at the point of damaging your products you’re basically out of the “I need to inspect my roof” phase, you are in the phase of “I need to get my roof resealed”.

10. Higher Quality Air

 The last point on my list of “10 Reasons You Need to Inspect Your Roof” is kind of shocking but it’s true. If you get your roof inspected you will know if you have bad quality or good quality air, but if you don’t inspect your roof you will have bad air and on the extreme side you might get lung cancer. 

 As a general rule I would recommend inspecting your roof once a year or biannually if you so choose.

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