Advantages of Membrane Coating Systems

Older and damaged roofs are highly prone to all kinds of damage, especially leaks and water damages. And without proper roof maintenance, it’s only a question of time when leaks or moisture will enter your building. 

A roof replacement might be inconvenient at the moment, and roof repairs might not resolve the issues effectively. So what’s the ideal solution? Installing a membrane coating system! 

Membrane coatings are applied to the roof in the same way as paint, and after drying, they create a great surface with excellent waterproofing and restorative capabilities. They will breathe new life into your commercial roof and bring you amazing benefits. Which ones exactly? Read on to discover them! 


1. Uniform and Seamless Membrane

A membrane coating system is sprayed on the roof, covering its entire surface. The coating is perfectly spread to form a uniform, seamless roof membrane with no joints, penetration holes, and seams. A membrane coating system like this one covers and protects all hard-to-reach places like drains, pipes, upstands, walls, and everything else on the roof that is hard to waterproof with, for example, sheet membranes.


2. Quick and Easy Installation

Membrane coating systems don’t require tearing off a roof. They are applied directly to the roof deck, eliminating the need to tear off the old roof, waste old materials, and incur related costs. As the coating is spray applied, there is no need for cutting and sizing sheets to work around walls, penetrations, and other objects on the rooftop. Better yet, membrane coating systems can also be applied in normally bad weather conditions such as light rain, as they are resistant to early wash-off.


3. Quiet Installation

A new roof is often installed by welding, drilling, using nails, and other machinery that causes a lot of noise. This prevents you from having your office employees focused or your store open, which can be a bit disruptive, especially in buildings where people are constantly present, such as medical care facilities. The installation of the membrane coating system doesn’t cause any noises and disturbances to your business, nor does it cause harmful and strong odors.


4. Excellent Waterproofing

A membrane coating system offers excellent waterproofing due to its seamless and uniform application. In addition to that, this flexible membrane coating is designed to expand and contract when the building itself contracts due to temperature fluctuations. On other types of roofs, nails and seams take the brunt of the building’s expansion and contraction, which in the long run causes leaks at these points. The membrane coating system can stretch and recover, which minimizes the risk of damages and leaks. Apart from that, any punctures that potentially occur on the membrane can be easily repaired.


5. Robust Longevity

Membrane coating systems greatly extend the roof’s life, make it more energy-efficient, and reduce its maintenance and repair costs. By choosing a membrane coating, you will extend the life and effectiveness of the roof by an average of 10-15 years and gain additional protection and waterproofing of the building.


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Installing a membrane coating system will undoubtedly prolong the lifespan of your roof and increase the protection of your building. It’s also a cost-effective investment compared to the cost of repairing water damage or replacing the entire roof.

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